Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend: Out of the Past

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The dust hasn’t even settled after the confrontation with Becca, but the fallout has to be put on hold while the girls play host to Leah’s first love, Dani, the one who shot her down. As if things weren’t complicated enough, now Dani’s acting a bit friendlier, maybe a bit too friendly. Just what is this fiery redhead looking for, anyway?

Author: Samantha Squire
Length: 6000 words.
Series: Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend
Volume: 3
Content: Lesbian, Romance, Sex-Toys, Fingering



Dani broke the kiss and laid her back against the couch’s arm, tipping her glass back into her mouth. She grinned. “So all that dirty talk from whats-her-name, did that do anything for you?”

“Not exactly.” Leah finished her glass. “I think she was doing that for herself mostly.”

“So what do you like?”

Leah chewed her lip. She’d never really talked to anybody about this sort of stuff before. “It was kind of exciting, all the sneaking around. We kept doing it out where we might get caught by somebody.”

Dani grinned. “Yeah, that’ll get the heart racing.” She reached up and started to undo the buttons of her old button up shirt. She pulled the sides apart to reveal her lightly freckled chest and stomach.

Leah glanced nervously at the staircase. Had Mary shut her door? Would she stay in bed or be back down? Then her eyes flicked to Dani’s face, saw the mischievous expression on her face, and had stifled a nervous little giggle. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Dani’s again, letting one of her hands fall the supple mound of one of her exposed breasts.

She had to release the other girl’s mouth from her own as her shirt was pulled over her head and felt her nipples harden against the slight chill of the apartments air conditioning. Dani’s hand slipped down her back, tracing the curves of her shoulder blades and down the hollow of her spine. Drawing the brunette closer, Dani kissed gently along her throat, down her chest. Her tongue flicked over one nipple, and Leah surprised herself with a gasp.

Taking the cue, Dani’s lips wrapped around it and drew it into her mouth. Leah felt her breath grow a bit short and looked down to see that beautiful face sucking on her breast. She let out a low and happy sound and tangled her fingers into that curly red hair.

“That’s nice.”

Dani freed her mouth and smiled up at her. “I think we can do better than that.”

Her hand ran down over Leah’s ass and found the bottom of her boxers. A couple of fingers slid up one of the legs and ran over the smooth lips of Leah’s pussy.

“No panties, eh? And you want me to think you were obvious to my advances?”

“A girl can hope, you know.” She kissed Dani again and as her tongue slipped between her lips, Dani’s fingers slipped into her. A squeaking little sound squirreled its way out of her throat. She pushed herself back against Dani’s hand and felt the fingers curl inside her. Between her deft fingers and the soft ministrations of her lips, the redhead made short work of bringing Leah to climax, and she felt her body tense and wrack with the pleasure, biting her lip to keep from screaming out.

Her head fell to Dani’s chest as she came down, breath heavy. She smiled against the pink freckled skin. “Fuck, you’re good.”

There was pride in Dani’s voice. “I take pride in what I do.”

After a moment’s rest, Leah rose and Dani slipped from beneath her, over to dig into her enormous duffle bag. In a flash, she pulled a small bundle from it and dropped it onto the coffee table. She beamed as she unwrapped it. “And any professional makes sure to have all the right tools. Get those boxers off.”

Leah complied and was handed a pink silicone object, a phallus on one end and a bulb on the other. After a little instruction from Dani, she put the toy in place, the dildo end hanging between her legs. A little self-conscious, she started to feel her blush coming back to her, but Dani pushed her back down to sit on the couch and straddled her lap.

“Doesn’t this sort of defeat the purpose of being a lesbian?” Leah arched a brow up at the other girl.

Dani gave her a wicked little smile. “Shut up and fuck me.”


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