Her Mysterious Roommate


Kristen hasn’t seen her roommate, Amy, for months. It’s like living with a ghost, but things could certainly be worse. Such as when they finally meet in person again, and Kristen realizes that she’s in trouble; Amy is irresistibly adorable. After a night out together, the connection is undeniable but Amy is still unsure. She’s never wanted a woman before.
Can Amy overcome her trepidation and awkwardness? Let’s hope so.
Will Kristen get her roommate into bed? We’re certainly rooting for her.

This six thousand word tale is a bawdy stand alone by Samantha Squire

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Finding her Lost Billionaire


Annie hasn’t seen Jim since she moved away from their home town, where they were very close. When she stumbles into him again, she finds that he’s certainly risen in the world, but it looks like he may still be carrying a torch for his old friend. Annie thinks she wants him too, but their different lives may ensure that it’s just this one night.
Can Annie live up to nearly a decade of expectations? Will Jim’s high station disrupt their good time? Will they see each other again?

This six thousand word story is the first book of the trilogy Caught Between A Singer and a CEO by Parker Paige.

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