I Grew What?!


It was a normal day for Harper: get up, late for university classes, get in the shower, but she did have time for just a little fun before heading off to class. But while she’s having her way with herself, something bizarre happens, and now Harper’s stuck with something no woman should have. With nowhere else to turn, she accepts help from her best friend, Kat, but their friendship is about to be put to the test. Just what does Kat want from her friend? Can they survive all these changes? Find out in this salacious tale from Randall Rogue.

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Our Lust is Legion


Many hands, many bodies, many loves. All together. Find inside three tales of lustful gatherings of a strange and wonderful nature. Each is filled to the brim with salacious carnal action and more stimulating than the one before. Find enclosed the following stories:

Used by the Dark Elves – A voluptuous and nubile woman seeks reward in the dark world of the libidinous elves who work beneath the earth.
Her Public Debut – The Anonymous Society only take the very best and when one young applicant’s first appearance comes, things get out of a hand.
The Court of the Winter King – A curious young woman finds a hot new place among the cold heart of winter.

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The Court of the Winter King


In the dark of the year, when the sun does not rise above the horizon, the king of winter rules. He stalks the land with his cadre of men and monsters: trolls, ogres, elves, and more. One lone woman seeks them out to learn their secrets but must make the choice to join them to pursue that which she seeks. The rites of winter are unlike what she expected. The amorous crowd eventually contains itself no longer and breaks into salacious excess. She finds herself surrounded by eager men of many forms and varieties, hungry and waiting for her body. The temptation to join them proves too much for her.

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Gender Bender First Offender

Everyone has thought about it; now you get to read about it. Three tales of gender swap action. Find within: “The Unexpected Pleasure of Womanhood”, about an accident that turns oh so right, “Something New for the Toybox”, where a magical artifact turns the sex lives of three young adults on their heads, and “Gender Bender Potion Problem”, about a couple who wake up to the worst and sexiest hangover you can imagine.
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Full Frontal Futanari Bundle

>A glorious three story bundle of titillating stories featuring women with something extra to offer. Find within: “The Secret Beneath Her Skirt”, wherein a girl finds out what her roommate’s been hiding all this time, “BIOMODs Inc. Beta Testing Troubles”, one of the tales of Lisa Okada and her work to improve the human form, and “Gender Swap Potion Problem”, about a couple with the worst and sexiest hangover you could imagine.

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Fabulous Futanari Fantasies

A trio of sordid tales of women who have lovely large dicks swinging between their legs. Find inside “You Can Buy Anything on the Internet”, about a very special package, “BIOMODS Inc. Function Follows Form”, where technology brings forth the best in people, and “Crossing Boundaries in All the Best Ways” wherein a lovely futanari finds herself in the sights of a crossdressing man.

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