A Taste of Womanhood


Steve is unsure of his relationship. His girlfriend Karen has a long history with women, and Steve isn’t sure she’s happy now being with a man. At her request, he procures a substance that will turn him temporarily into a woman, so that she can show him a part of her life that he couldn’t experience as a man. This includes the woman-only Club Sappho, and all of the wild pleasures within. Will the newly feminine Stevie be able to handle getting to know this part of her girlfriend’s past? Find out within this five thousand word story by Randall Rogue.


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Prince to Princess


Prince Harry is destined to be king, although nearly no one is looking forward to it. When his future fiance and his father, the king, conspire with the Royal Sorceress, Morga, a new place is found for him at court. Harry becomes Harriet, from Crown Prince to Princess. In an effort to prove he can change, Harriet agrees to learn at the foot of the Morga how to serve others. This process is humbling, with the princess kneeling between Morga’s legs to learn to serve, and to learn to be used, even as a servant or toilet.

Can Harriet return to her old life or is she destined no longer to be king, but to be queen instead? Find out in this salacious new offering from Randall Rogue.

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Gender Bending the Boss


Andy’s a terrible boss: overbearing, mean, and unreasonable. Rebecca’s had enough, so she turns to an ex to procure a magic potion to teach Andy a lesson. To her surprise, it turns him into a woman, slender and waifish. With nowhere else to turn, and unaware of her involvement in the transformation, Andy begs Rebecca for a help. She agrees, on the condition that she do anything that Rebecca orders, including licking her feet, crawling on the floor, and a whole lot more.

Now Andy is stuck, not by her predicament as her own enthusiastic response to her new mistress’s treatment. She wonders if this change will last, and for how long? After days spent cleaning her mistress’s home and being her plaything, Andy’s biggest worry is that she may just be happier this way than in her old life.

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