Gender Studies 101: Academic Probation

University student Robin Green is in trouble. It is way too late in the semester and he’s missed far too many days for him to pass Professor Erde’s class. He comes to her asking for any way to make it up and she presents him with a deal: be a guinea pig for a procedure that will make him, for all intents and purposes save one, a woman, and she’ll pass him. Seeing his academic future on the line, Rob agrees.

The change is well underway when Rob meets Amelia, Professor Erde’s assistant and another test subject. She had gotten something of the exact opposite of Rob’s treatment, and now she needs some help learning to use her new equipment from someone who knows how to handle one already. So Rob helps Amelia, and in return Amelia returns the favor. Everyone wins, right?

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Wanted: Magician’s Assistant

Wanted-Magician's-AssistantMichael needs a job. Anna needs an assistant. The only problem is that she doesn’t need a man, she needs some lovely eye-candy that will look good in the costume up on stage. Luckily, Anna’s got a secret: her tricks aren’t tricks, they’re real magic. So making this man into a proper assistant is only a spell away. Still she knows how much men worry about their manhood, so she let’s Michael keep it. He just has to leave it in its box.

Now the show is going well, but tension is building. Everything breaks loose one evening when magician and assistant realized that the power available to them can be used for more than just entertaining a crowd. They could entertain each other, for example. What follows is a night of hot and raunchy content that will have you ready to leap to your feet in applause.

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