A Taste of Womanhood


Steve is unsure of his relationship. His girlfriend Karen has a long history with women, and Steve isn’t sure she’s happy now being with a man. At her request, he procures a substance that will turn him temporarily into a woman, so that she can show him a part of her life that he couldn’t experience as a man. This includes the woman-only Club Sappho, and all of the wild pleasures within. Will the newly feminine Stevie be able to handle getting to know this part of her girlfriend’s past? Find out within this five thousand word story by Randall Rogue.


Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 5000 words.
Series: None


“Well, it’s bit weird. What if somebody sees me?”

“I don’t think you have much to worry about. Nobody will know it’s you. But if it bothers you, that’s fine. We don’t have to—”

As the look on her face dropped to crestfallen, Steve put up a hand to interrupt her. “OK, fine we can go out.”

She brightened again. “Awesome! Don’t worry one bit; I’ll take care of everything.”

Steve took a breath and let it out slowly. “OK, whatever you say, dear.”

“Well? Are we going to get started?”

“Right now?”

“Why not? It’s Friday; we don’t have anything particular to do tonight or tomorrow. Let’s have some fun.”

“I… yeah, I guess so.” Steve took the packet back from her and twiddled it between his fingers. He still felt apprehensive, but couldn’t think of a good reason not to get on with it. Standing up, he went to the bedroom and took off his clothes, tossing them into the hamper until he was down to his bare skin.

As he picked up the packet from the dresser, a noise behind him made him turn his head. Karen was leaning against the door frame, arms crossed beneath her breasts. She gave him a little smirk as he tore the paper and peered at its content. It was just white crystals, finer than table salt but not quite powder. For a brief moment, he wondered if he had been taken to the cleaners and been sold something more mundane. With a shrug, he reasoned that at this point, if he had he’d at least be out of this. In a swift motion, he tipped the contents into his mouth and swallowed.

A few moments later, Karen let out a low whistle of appreciation. “You make a pretty good looking chick, Stevie.”

Putting a hand to her face, Stevie felt herself. She looked at the room around her. Did everything seem bigger now or was that her imagination? She turned to look at the full-length mirror on the back of the closet door and gasped. The figure looking back was so different from what she was used to. She was short and curvy, with wide hips and a generous set of breasts. Her curly dark hair was long and voluminous, reaching nearly to her round ass.