Ardent Hearth Exposed


Since they came to Ardent Hearth Manor, Nicky, Rose, and Arthur’s lives have taken quite a sharp turn into the realm of the weird. Their bodies can change now, seemingly at will, and the burgeoning three sided relationship developing between them has led to all sorts of exciting ways to experiment with that.

But they’re no closer to any answers as to why this is happening. Until that is when one of the owners of Ardent Hearth finally makes an appearance, ready to reveal the secrets that will send the trio down a path that that may fear to tread.

This six and a half thousand word story is the second volume of Ardent Hearth Manor by Randall Rogue.

Author: Randall Rogue

Length: 6500 words.

Series: Ardent Hearth Manor

Volume: 2

Content: Lesbian, Threesome, Dickgirl, FingeringMagic, Blowjob, Anal-sex, Transformation, Cunnilingus



She let one hand slid down Rose’s body, over her large soft breasts and down the front of her pants. As their lips parted, she whispered low. “Can you bring the monster out to play?”

Rose gave her a salacious little smile and closed her eyes. There was a moment of shimmering movement and the air around them buzzed with energy. When Rose’s eyes opened, they shone a pale green. Nicky’s fingers ran over the mound that strained at the panties. Rose’s other form was gloriously well endowed.

Nicky pushed the panties down and wrapped her hand around Rose’s thick shaft. Using her free hand, she undid the other girl’s fly and pulled her stiffening cock into the open air, feeling it heft in her hand. She’d had a lot of experience with this cock in the past few weeks. Intimidating as it was, she also knew it was sensitive.

Dropping to her knees, Nicky ran her tongue over Rose’s tip, slipping the tip of her tongue just beneath the soft foreskin. She felt Rose wriggle a little as the sensation teased her and smiled. Taking the head of her cock in her mouth, Nicky sucked gently, rubbing her tongue against its underside.

She worked her way down slowly, gradually. With each bob of her head, she pushed the cock a little deeper into her mouth until she felt it start to come close to the point where she’d need to swallow to go further. Her mouth full, there was still enough shaft left over for her to wrap her fist around as she looked up into Rose’s eyes and gave her a little wink.

One long breath, then exhale. She was getting better and better at this. She opened her throat and pushed downward, feeling Rose’s cock head slide into her throat, just a little dip before moving back. Nicky kept working down in slow stages, tracking her progress by the number of finger widths left between her and her ultimate goal. First three, then two, finally one. Her heart was starting to beat faster with excitement. She was finally going to do it.

“Holy shit, Nicky.” Rose breathed out, her voice a rasp. “I’m gonna come.”

Inwardly, Nicky allowed herself a small resigned sigh. If she’d only had enough time. She’d get there eventually, she knew. Reaching up with her free hand, she cupped Rose’s balls and began to move her other on the base of the shaft. Her head moved in a series of furious bobs up and down until she felt the familiar tensing of the body beneath her. Salty, thick semen flooded into her mouth. Spurts of it filling her.

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