Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend: A New Beginning


It’s been quite a week, and after everything that’s happened, Leah and Mary are ready for a bit of down time. There’s still that bit unanswered question, though. Is Mary just mixed up, or is she ready to switch it up and make a go at Leah? Is Leah ready to put their friendship on the line for a chance at something more?

Author: Samantha Squire
Length: 4000 words.
Series: Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend
Volume: 4
Content: Lesbian, Romance, Cunnilingus, Fingering



Leah had intended to hold out from the heavier stuff longer but was overruled after a few days. They’d gone to their favorite burger joint and then a movie, which would have been a normal night off for them before; now it was their official first date. Leah had planned for it to end like the previous few nights had, in separate bedrooms; Mary simply hadn’t gone back to hers.
The both spent the next day in a funny sort of fog, catching each others eye and giggling, knowing it was too good to be true, but it was, and Leah didn’t even plan to spend the next night apart. Nor the night after that. Not that there weren’t any speed bumps.
“Look, it’s fine.” Leah protested. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
“It’s not that I don’t want to, Elle.” Mary chewed her lip. “It’s the freaking performance pressure”
“What pressure? It’s just a vagina. not a studio audience.”
Mary flopped dramatically against the pillow. “Blargh!”
Leah winced and put a hand on the other’s shoulder. “Sorry I brought it up, babe. I didn’t mean to poke a sore spot. We can go back to…”
“It’s not a sore spot, you dork!” She growled in frustration. “How do I put this? You’ve already done for that for me already and it was great.”
Leah smiled, “I’m glad you liked it.”
Mary rolled, threw a leg over her lover’s lap, and grabbed her face in both hands; smooshing Leah’s cheeks together. “You don’t understand. It was fantastic. It was amazing. You are the absolute best. I literally didn’t think anything could be that good ever and now you’ve proven you can do it over and over again. I am in big-O paradise over here.”
The cheeks under Mary’s palms started to turn a light pink color and Leah looked a little nervous.
“What I am saying is: how the heck am I supposed to follow that?” A look of confusing flashed across Leah’s face. Mary released her grip, rolled off of her, and buried her face in the pillow, muffling her voice. “You set the bar so high! I’m a noob! I’m never going to clear it.”
Leah gave her a sweet little smile. “Well, you don’t exactly get good at something by never trying.”
“Say that when you’re looking a hoo-hah in the face and trying to figure out what to do with it.”


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