Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend: As Things Stand


Leah thinks she’s got a handle on her life, strange as it may be, but things might just come uncovered when her best friend and roommate starts poking her nose into Leah’s private business. Mary is stunned by what she finds and absolutely floored by the things it stirs up inside her.

Author: Samantha Squire
Length: 5000 words.
Series: Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend
Content: Lesbian, Romance, Masturbation



Leah wasn’t very fussy about her appearance; she hardly ever wore her hair in anything more complicated than a ponytail. But she had to admit, having her friend perched behind her on the bed, carefully separating and plaiting her hair was nice. It felt good to have some attention lavished on her.

“So you met this,” Mary had to stop to giggle, “mystery girl beneath the bleachers in the gym?”

Leah could feel her ears start to burn as her blush grew deeper. “In the hallway; she dragged me into the gym and beneath the bleachers. Then she kissed me.” She didn’t have to see it, Leah swore she could feel Mary’s smile grow wider behind her.

“And was kissing all that happened with this secret lover of yours?”

“The first time, yes.”

The bed shook as Mary bounced up and down on her knees from excitement. “So there’s been more than just one little tryst?” More giggles. “Is my bestie a woman of the world now?”

Leah tried to shrink between her shoulders. Her voice became tiny. “No comment.”

The squee noise Mary made was so loud and piercing that Leah had to stuff her fingers in her ears. Mary took a minute to compose herself, then lay on her back for a while longer, staring up.

“What’s it like?” She finally asked, her gaze still off somewhere in the popcorn ceiling.

“I’ m not sure any of my experiences are going to be much relevant to you, Mar-bear.”

Mary shrugs. “Can’t be that different. You’re plumbing works the same as mine. You’re just expecting to be hooking up with another innie and not an outie.”

Leah groans and flops on the bed. “I can take the questioning, but you have got to start using some actual words here. We’re nearly eighteen years old, Mary. You can say ‘vagina’.”

Her friend made a raspberry noise with her lips. “Where’s the fun in that sort of language, Elle? Now spill, what’s it like to have somebody all up in your hoohaa?”

“It’s,” she paused trying to find the right word, “pretty good. ”

“Better than going to town on yourself?”

“Yea. I think that’s kind of the point.”

There was another stretch of silence before Mary spoke again. “What was kissing like?”

Leah cocked an eyebrow at her friend. “You ask like you don’t know.”

“I don’t know.”

“Mary, you’ve kissed plenty of people.”

“No, I mean what was kissing a girl like.”

Leah furrowed her brow at her friend. “What do you mean?”

“I mean compared to a guy, ding-bat.”

“Oh,” Leah rolled on her back to join her friend at staring at the ceiling, “can’t help you there, babe. I ’ve got no frame of reference.”

“Oh,” Mary’s own brow furrowed now. Then realization dawned. “Ohhhhh, yeah. Sorry, I forget sometimes. So wait, is mystery girl your only ever…”

“Yeah. Well, except, ” Leah gave her friend a meaningful look, “you know.”

“Oh, yeah.” Mary couldn’t stop herself from chuckling at the memory, and saw Leah wince visibly at her laugh. “Aw, sorry, Leah. That was mean.”

“ Naw it’s OK. I’m just still embarrassed by all that.”

Mary rolled over and her stomach and propped her chin up on her hands. “Are you sure you won’t tell me who this mystery girl is? I’ll super-duper-best-friends-pinkie swear that her name shall never pass my lips to another soul.” She mimed zipping her mouth closed, locking it with a tiny padlock, and throwing away the key.

Her friend’s mouth tightened into a terse line as she looked at Mary. “I really wish I could, babe. But I don’t think it’d be right, given the circumstances.”



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