Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend: How It Happened


As Mary works her dastardly plan to get revenge on Leah’s bully, she’s unwittingly plummeting them all toward a confrontation that will spill the drama between the three of them all over the gymnasium floor. Is Mary ready to hear the tawdry tale of Becca and Leah’s affair? Is Leah ready to be honest with her best friend about the way she feels?

Author: Samantha Squire
Length: 5000 words.
Series: Between Her Bully and Her Best Friend
Volume: 2
Content: Lesbian, Romance, Cunnilingus, Fingering, Femdom



Econ had run long, and she needed to rush to grab something to eat between it and English Lit. Leah was practically running as she took a shortcut through the athletic building. It was mostly empty this time of day, one of the few places on campus that was, so she didn’t feel bad.

Then from nowhere, there was a figure standing in front of her, blocking her way. A hand grabbed her wrist; another grabbed a fistful of hoodie. Leah was brought to a screeching halt. Finally, she was able to focus on blue eyes in front of her. Anger welled up inside of her; it was one thing for Becca to harass her but to actually lay hands on her was a whole different…

Things became confusing for a moment; Lips were pressed against hers. It took a moment for her to process what was happening. She knew she ought to shove the other girl away. This had to be some sort of trick, a joke, some new way to inflict cruelty on her, but the passion in those lips felt earnest. Hers responded of their own accord; she found herself leaning in. Her hands found purchase on Becca’s slim hips.

They parted slowly, tenderly. As Leah’s eyes opened, she expected a slap or a punch to come but was strangely pleased to see Becca’s face still just inches from her own. The blue eyes were still glaring though.

There was less malice in her voice though. “You liked that, didn’t you, dyke?”

Leah never was good with the quick rejoinder; today she was too flustered to even try. “Truth be told: I did.”

Becca let out a breath slowly and shook her head. “Disgusting.”

She kept hold of Leah’s hoodie as she pulled her through a doorway and into the gymnasium, right into the space under the bleachers. Then they were kissing again. Leah felt a hand on her ass, the fingers squeezing her with a sort of hunger, and she responded in kind, feeling the material of Becca’s skirt slide and bunch in her hand.

The silence was broken by the sound of a hoodie zipper being undone, and the garment was pulled down over Leah’s shoulders. Becca’s mouth left Leah’s and began to travel down the line of the brunette’s jaw, then neck, to nuzzle and kiss the curve of the shoulder. Leah found herself pushed down to ground landing on her discarded sweatshirt.

Becca’s eye glinted in the dim light with a strangely malicious appreciation as she lowered herself over Leah, bringing their faces close together. “I bet you’ve wanted to fuck me for a long time.”
It had crossed Leah’s mind, although it hadn’t been a particularly active theme of the idle daydreams she used to have about Becca. She arched an eyebrow at the other girl. “Have you?”

If she got an answer, it was coded in the way Becca pounced on her, kissing her deeply, hands slipping up Leah’s t-shirt. The offending article of clothing was pulled off. Emboldened, Leah reached up and undid the buttons on Becca’s top, parting the front to reveal a pair of lovely breasts in a pink lacy bra. Hands drew Leah’s face up to Becca’s chest and she kissed the smooth skin there. The top and bra came off, and Leah’s mouth found a nipple, furiously hard.

Then she was laying on the floor as Becca moved her panties to one side and brought her pussy close to Leah’s face. Her voice was dark as she whispered. “Is this what you want, bitch? To lick my pussy?”

At that moment, she did, but a little voice in Leah, one that rarely spoke, piped in and fed her the words to say. “You first.”

Becca’s golden brown furrowed. “What?”

“I’ll be happy to after you lick mine.”

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