BIOMODS Inc. Beta Testing Troubles


When a beta tester for a new form of MTF transition system called in to BIOMODS Inc, Lisa is the one dispatched to investigate. She finds the beta tester is experiencing a lot of extra excitement in his life, so much that he can’t even leave the house! She thinks she can help him out, but in the process figures out just how to harness the power of this bug for her own purposes. Now she so worked up that she can’t wait to get home and show off to her girlfriend.

This six thousand word story is an enticing continuation of BIOMODS Inc. Funtion Follows Form by Randall Rogue

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 6000 words.
Series: BIOMODS Inc.
Volume: 2
Content: Anal-Sex, Cunnilingus, Dickgirl, Feminization, Fingering, Fucking, Gender-Swap, Lesbian, Masturbation, Genetic-Engineering, Loss-of-Control



Lisa furrowed her brow. “Huh, I was under the impression that the Stage 2 testing was going pretty well. Nobody told me to be on the look out for anything. What sort of symptoms are you experiencing?”

“I, well…” He glanced around, shifting in his chair nervously. “Are there supposed to be changes to my sex drive from this thing?”

“Well, with the hormone changes, you might be expected to experience a drop in libido during the transitional period. It shouldn’t persist once the process is complete.”

His mouth tightened. “No, I’m sort of having the exact opposite problem.”

“Really?” Lisa was surprised. “That’s a bit unusual. Has it been interfering with…”

“I couldn’t even leave the damn house yesterday!”

“Oh,” she said, “I see. Having you been self stimulating?”

He let out a short huff of a laugh. “Yeah, you could say that. It’s the only thing that helps, for a while at least.”

“So, how many times per day would you say you’re having to bring yourself to climax?”

“At first it was just a couple, which is really high for me, but for the last couple of days its been way up. Twelve times yesterday.”

“Wow.” Lisa’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

“Yeah, you see what I mean. When it gets bad, it’s like this overwhelming need. I’m out of control. If I hadn’t just finished up before I answered the door, I’m not sure I’d be able to carry on a conversation.” He was already looking agitated. Lisa could see his legs moving under the table, shifting.

“Well, that’s definitely not by design. You’re supposed to be able to carry on normal function during the Stage 2 Transition.” She unzipped her bag and pulled out her laptop and her bio data gatherer, hooking the two together. Booting up the laptop’s proprietary software, she took a quick scan of the man’s body functions and polled his implants for a report of their function.

“Hm,” she spoke mostly to herself as she worked, “self diagnostics all report fine. You’re biochemistry seems within range. How are you feeling right now?”

“It’s OK right now.”

“Alright, I’ll continue to monitor your vitals while we talk. Have you noticed anything else strange since the transition started?”

“You mean besides these?” Thatcher reached up and lifted his small breasts in his hands. “I guess I don’t know exactly what’s unexpected or not right now.”

“Why don’t you walk me through what you’ve experienced then?”

Thatcher sighed. “Well, the day after the implants went in, my beard fell out.” He reached up and touched his cheek, running fingertips over the smooth skin. “But I suppose that’s normal. I started noticing a bit of weakness in my arms over the next couple of days and I noticed they were becoming thinner. A bit of soreness in my hips and none of my pants fit anymore.”

He patted a hand on his hip, then snapped the waistband of his sweatpants with his thumb. “So I’ve been a real scrub all week, but I guess I’m getting something of a bedonk-a-donk, which has been interesting. I keep catching glances at myself in the mirror and checking myself out. Not something I expected.”