BIOMODS Inc. Flexibility Package


Lisa’s new job with the BIOMODS Inc. Research and Development team comes with a bunch of perks, not least of which is a chance to test-drive any new product she works with. Just such a product is about to come available and Lisa wants in. That means getting the agreement of Meg, the multi-armed tech for that program.

What does Meg want in return? Not much, just to have some fun with Lisa and her girlfriend, Tess. What can three modified ladies get up to when they let loose? Find out within.

This five thousand word story is an enticing continuation of BIOMODS Inc. by Randall Rogue

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 5000 words.
Series: BIOMODS Inc.
Volume: 3
Content: Lesbian, Threesome, Rimming, Dickgirl, Fingering, Fucking, Anal-Sex, Lesbian, Genetic-Engineering,



“Well besides the obvious,” Meg dig a little wavy motion with all four arms, “I’ve got a serious proprioceptive enhancer, which is required for the arms, but side effects include both perfect balance and improved dexterity. It was kind of a shock to realize that I was immediately better with a guitar when I got that put in. I got these enlarged a little while ago,” she raised a pair of hands to lift her breasts in demonstration, “and I got the sensitivity turned up while I was at it.”

“Ooh,” Tess cooed, “how’s that?”

“It’s fantastic. Nipple play used to be like ‘whatever’ for me and now I can actually come just from that.”

Lisa’s and Tess’s eyebrows rose in unison. They glanced at one another and a sly grin crossed Tess’s lips. “Oh yeah?”

“Totally, best mod I’ve had done.”

“Well,” Lisa set her empty glass on the table, “I think a claim like that deserves verification. Would you like to assist me, dear?” She offered a hand to Tess as she rose.

“Of course.”

They each took one of Meg’s hands and led her to the bedroom. Tess moved around to the front of her while Lisa snaked around the rear. As Tess’s long nimble fingers undid the button of Meg’s fly, Lisa’s hands slipped under the bottom of her t-shirt and started to pull it up and over her head. Together, they pushed her down onto the bed and then followed, pinning all four of Meg’s arms beneath their bodies.

Lisa kissed Meg as Tess’s lips traced up her bare torso, leaving a trail of small nibbles and kisses along the smooth skin. Meg’s nipples were stiff by the time the two of them moved down to each take one into their mouths. They worked gently at first, lightly sucking and modest little flicks and swirls of their tongues. Meg’s breath grew heavy beneath them, responding to their stimulation.

“Oh yes, that’s it. Right there.”

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