BIOMODS Inc. Function Follows Form


Lisa loves her job, making house calls to install new “bio-mods,” biomechanical enhancements that improve on the human body. The hours are good, and she loves the work she does; she even has a few herself.

Meanwhile, Tess has a mod in mind, but she isn’t quite sure she wants to go through with the installation. Luckily Lisa is there to answer all her questions and even give a demonstration if the need arrives. Just how does it feel? What’s it like living with afterward?

This four thousand word story is a steamy stand alone work by Randall Rogue.

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 4000 words.
Series: None
Content: Transformation, Gender-Swap, Dickgirl, Fucking, Anal-Sex, Cunnilingus, Body-Modification



“Would you like to see my penis? It might help you decide to see what you might have in the flesh.”

The sudden shift of oblique to blunt rocked the brunette back like a gust of wind. When she recovered, she gave an embarrassed laugh. “You mean it?”

Lisa nodded. “Absolutely. Of course, if nudity makes you uncomfortable, I’ve got videos, pictures, and even a configurator here on my laptop, but many people like to see a real example of the mod.”

“Uh, well.” Tess swallowed. “I suppose if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

The white-haired woman rose and had her skirt up around her hips in a flash. With only her panties covering her crotch, a small bulge was visible. When the underwear was pushed down, it revealed as a soft cock hanging just above the vulva and below a neatly trimmed tuft of curly snow colored hair. It wasn’t much to look at in its current state, but it was important to show the customer this first. She reached down and lifted it up with two fingertips.

“You can see that my clitoris and vulva are unchanged by the addition. All previous function is retained, contingent on your personalized options, of course. For example, I chose to have the urethra routed to the penile meatus, so the previous opening has been removed.”

Tess took a breath. “I’m not sure I’m following the jargon.”

Lisa shifted mental gears. “I chose to have it so I pee through my penis. Means I don’t have to sit if I don’t want to. Now, let me demonstrate the erection.”

She closed her eyes and tried to think of something that would elicit a response. Nothing immediately presented itself. Her mind wandered for a moment, and she imagined the other woman growing impatient, eyes locked on her flaccid cock. She imagined Tess standing up and looking into her eyes, then coming closer, so close that as their chests moved with breath, they might brush one another.

That did it.

She reached down and wrapped the index finger and thumb of one hand around the hardening member, stroking it into life. Lisa was not overly large; she’d made an effort to choose something realistic and natural looking, but she was proud of herself at full mast. Opening her eyes, she saw that the other woman was still seated, but her gaze on the scene before her was just as intense as she’d imagined.

“As you can see, the modded penis works exactly as a biological one does. Just as stiff.” In demonstration, she put a finger on the tip of her cock and pushed it down, letting it bounce upward as she released it. Then she lifted the cock up, flattening it against her stomach to let Tess see beneath again. “And even erect, your natural genitals are still accessible and usable.”

She saw Tess bite her lower lip as she looked closely. It seemed like it was getting much hotter in this living room all of a sudden. Lisa cursed herself, there was no use in letting herself get actually worked up; this was all business.

Tess looked up at her with an inquisitive expression. “And it can come like a real dick?”

“Yep. Well, it functions just the same, but since most people don’t choose to also install testicles, the seminal fluid doesn’t contain any sperm.” She remembered to adjust her terminology. “You just shoot blanks.”

This got a shrug. “Well, I’m not looking to get anybody pregnant anyway. Can I see it?”

Lisa’s stomach jumped. “You mean an ejaculation?”


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