Coaching the Men’s Team


Eve loves her job coaching her university’s women team, but when her counterpart for the men’s team quits, she’s left running both. Extra work, extra trouble, and all of it dumped right at her feet. So she cracks her whip training them, just a little way to work out some of her frustration. When one young swimmer stays late after practice, Eve finds herself with the dynamic reversed, and the undergrad’s confident take-charge personality suddenly comes to bare. Can Eve keep her authority in this situation or will it spiral out of control right there by the pool?

This five thousand word bit of action is a stand alone tale by Parker Paige

Author: Parker Paige
Length: 5000 words.
Series: None
Content: Blowjob, Bondage, Domination, Fingering, Fucking



“Why, Ms. Fortier,” his voice suddenly seemed very low, “are you coming on to me?”

“I’m…” she cut herself off and swallowed. This was a bad idea; they were out in public, practically. Anybody could walk in here at any moment. She was just wound so tight lately, and here he was with that body. For that matter, just where the hell did all this confidence come from all of a sudden?

“You know, after what a hard-ass you’ve been lately, I’m not sure I should put up with this.” He leaned in a little, bringing their faces closer.

“Is that so?” She scowled “What are you planning on doing about it?”

Strong fingers wrapped around her wrist, holding her firmly. Then, their lips met. There was no tender escalation, their kiss hit the ground running. Eve leaned into him, feeling her still damp skin press against his. His hard smooth body against her more gentle curves. They moved together, passion building between them.

When Eve reached up with her free hand to run the tips of her fingers along his cheek, his other hand caught her wrist. She parted her lips from his and looked up at him, questioning. His only reply was that sly grin.

Slowly, with a deliberate strength, he pulled her hands down in front of her. His fingers were long enough to wrap around both her wrists and pin them. One hand thus freed, he raised it and cupped Eve’s cheek. She didn’t struggle against his grip, but could tell that she probably couldn’t pull her hands free if she tried.

Jake’s hand slid along her cheek. His thumb moved to trace over her lips. With a slight exertion of pressure, he parted her lips and teeth, and her mouth remained slightly open as he moved the hand away. When she felt his fingers at the top of the zipper, Eve’s heart jumped in her chest.

“Not here,” she whispered and darted her eyes around the wide open space of the pool, “anyone could walk in.”

It was too late, he had already tugged the zipper most of the way down. He did stop though, and his eyes met her. “Where then?”

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