Crossing Boundaries in All the Best Ways


Nicole’s business bans office relationships, but Alex has been pursuing her for a while now. On the last sales trip they made together, the temptation was too much. She slept with him and he learned the secret hiding beneath her business casual attire.

Now they’ve been sent out into the field again, and Alex has redoubled his efforts to get her back into the sack. Nicole isn’t sure how much longer she can keep him at bay until he shows up at her hotel room door squeezed into an adorable little cocktail dress. Temptation has come knocking again.

Length: 4000 words.
Series: None
Content: Dickgirl, Crossdressing, Anal-Sex, Fellatio, Rimming


When she followed, she found him leaning over the sink, halfway through downing a glass of water. His dress had hiked up at some point during their activities, and his delicious little butt was out, enticing her. He saw her in the reflection from the mirror and paused his drinking.

“Sorry,” she said, “I couldn’t wait.”

“Give a boy a minute.” He chided. “I need to drink something besides alcohol and semen or I’ll regret it in the morning.” He took another gulp of water.

“Oh, I won’t stop you.”

Nicole stepped behind him, so close that her cock, now limp but still wet with his saliva, pressed against his bare ass. She wrapped one arm around his waist and ran the fingers of her other hand through his long blonde hair. It was good hair, the kind that made her jealous. She pushed it to one side to expose the side of Alex’s neck, then bent down and kissed the skin there. He appeared to be ignoring her so far, so she continued kissing from the corner of his jaw down to his collar bone.

She took a long intoxicating inhalation of his scent and nearly shuddered in pleasure. He smelled so fucking good. The scent was light and airy with a hint of earth, like a field after a summer rain. She hugged him with both arms now, drawing his body close to hers. She felt him push back against her, grinding his ass against hips.

Then he dropped the glass from his lips and looked at her in the mirror. His voice had a stern edge to it. “Nicky, I’d like to finish my water.”

She purred into his neck. “Oh, don’t mind me.”

Then she licked at his earlobe and dropped one hand to cup his bottom. He pushed back against her again. Her other hand slid across his chest and up to his face to lay against his cheek. Alex turned his head to nibble gently at her fingers tip. He took a sharp breath as the fingers of Nicole’s other hand began to edge into the crack of his ass.

“Ready to continue?” She asked him.

He nodded.

“So, how can I repay my debt? What would you like?”

“I’d…” his voice caught a little and he hesitated. He glanced at her face in the mirror and then looked away. Nicole could see that his blush was now starting to encroach on his ears.

“You don’t want to say?”

“Not everybody is into it.” He chewed one lip. “I really like you, Nicky. I don’t want to scare you off.”

She kissed his cheek. “Alex, we’re both weirdos. Give me a chance.”

He took a breath. “Could you eat me out? My ass, I mean.”

Nicole’s face split into a grin. That was what he was worried about? How adorable. As an answer, she tugged down his underwear with one hand, then pushed him forward, bending him over the bathroom counter. She knelt behind him and spread his cheeks. He gasped as her tongue tickled at him, then began to moan.