Fooled You

Fooled-YouJamie never knows when to tell people that she’s not like other women. When a blind date goes well, she finds herself past the point of no return before she can warn Holly that there’s something extra under her skirt. Turns out, Holly has a secret of her own. Perhaps this setup wasn’t really so blind after all.

So do two wrongs make a right? Do two secrets cancel each other out? And who is really springing what on whom?

This five thousand word story is a delectable stand alone by Randall Rogue.

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 5000 words.
Series: None
Content: Lesbian, Anal-Sex, Dickgirl, Fingering, Fucking, Crossdressing, Blowjob,


If the logical part of Jamie’s brain had been the only vote, she’d have demanded a full explanation, but her baser desires were nearly jumping up and down, screaming at her about just how long it had been. After the barest moment of hesitation, she dropped a handful of bills on the table and was on her feet in a flash. Her no-so-blind date in tow, she made a beeline for the cafe’s door.

In hindsight, she should have had a plan for the elevator in her apartment building. The stairs were out of the question; it was a nine-floor walk up. However, considering Holly’s stated intentions and the condition of her own restraint, a few minutes of solitude in the elevator meant something was going to happen.

The doors had barely closed when Holly pivoted on the heel of one foot, swinging her body around and pressing it against Jamie’s. With Jamie in heels and Holly in flats, the height difference was enough, and Holly had to go onto the balls of her feet to press her lips against Jamie’s.

Jamie felt hands running down the sides of her body, over her hips. One traced down to her thigh and the other moved between their bodies. True to her word, Holly wasn’t shy this time. Her hot little fingers wrapped around the bulge at the front of Jamie’s skirt, squeezing gently as her cock began to stiffen in response.

Their lips parted, but their faces remained so close that as Holly whispered, her breath brushed over Jamie’s lips. “I’ve been dreaming about this for five years.”

“Me too,” Jamie said, “although I can’t say I was picturing all of this.”

Holly arched a pale eyebrow and smirked. Her hand moved against Jamie’s growing erection. “Not everything is different.”

To punctuate her statement, Holly ground her hips against the top of Jamie’s thigh. through the thin material of the sundress, Jamie could feel the other’s stiff member.

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