Funny Things Can Happen in the Woods


Three college students, Dillon, Mae, and Taylor, have come to work for the summer at a vacation lodge in the Cascade Mountains. There they have found that the woods surrounding them contain the kinds of things that no one believes in anymore.

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Part 1: Something New for the Toybox


In this volume, the trio find an artifact that possesses the power to change the wearer’s body, but not everyone is comfortable with this sort of experimentation, which raises all sort of questions that may be better left unanswered.


Part 2: Weekend of the Wereflu


After hiking in the woods, Dillon comes down with a mysterious flu-like illness. Symptoms include fever, sneezing, and growing furry ears? Oh dear, that’s new. As the changes in his body begin to affect his mind as well, the Mae and Taylor search for answers and a way to keep this all a secret, but that may mean riding this out in seclusion with whatever creature Dillon may become.


Part3: Strange New Territory


While hiding in the woods to ride out the symptoms of the wereflu, the trio encounter the very source of this strange illness, and he’s coming for them. Will there be a new alpha of their little pack?