Gender Bending the Boss


Andy’s a terrible boss: overbearing, mean, and unreasonable. Rebecca’s had enough, so she turns to an ex to procure a magic potion to teach Andy a lesson. To her surprise, it turns him into a woman, slender and waifish. With nowhere else to turn, and unaware of her involvement in the transformation, Andy begs Rebecca for a help. She agrees, on the condition that she do anything that Rebecca orders, including licking her feet, crawling on the floor, and a whole lot more.

Now Andy is stuck, not by her predicament as her own enthusiastic response to her new mistress’s treatment. She wonders if this change will last, and for how long? After days spent cleaning her mistress’s home and being her plaything, Andy’s biggest worry is that she may just be happier this way than in her old life.

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 21000 words.
Series: None
Content: Gender-Swap, Femdom, Transformation, Magic, Lesbian, Dickgirl, Rimming, Anal-sex, Group-sex, Threesome, Fingering, Fucking, Blowjob, Cunnilingus



Rebecca watched the door like a hawk for the remainder of the day, but her boss didn’t so much as peek his head out. Almost astonishingly, Andy’s leaving early time came and went without incident. He was still holed up in there. Rebecca smiled to herself and knew something had happened. He never, ever stayed late. Not even during crunch time.
She pretended to have work to do and stayed at her desk, shuffling papers and typing on her computer as her co-workers one by one finished up and headed out. All the while, she kept and eye on Andy’s office door. Soon the place was empty, and someone even flipped off lights as they left. Rebecca turned off her computer monitor and sat there, watching.
The office door opened and a figure slipped out. Rebecca couldn’t see all that well, but she knew it must be Andy. In a flash, she was on her feet, moving down the aisle. She’d snatched her phone up off the desk and her fingers flicked with practiced ease over the screen, activating the flashlight shortcut. She held the device up and caught the figure in a swath of white light.
She stopped in her tracks, jaw falling open in surprise. The figure held one slender hand up to block the light from their eyes. It took half a moment for Rebecca to register that the figure was wearing Andy’s dark suit, expensive and tailored, but now it looked like a billowy tent. The cuffs of the pants were pooling around the feet, and the belt had cinched up the pants in an effort to keep them from falling. The jacket seemed about four sizes too big now, falling to mid-thigh and the sleeves coming past the hands.
When Rebecca angled her head to see past the shielding hand, she nearly broke from amazement into raucous laughter. The face beyond was thin and delicate, actually very pretty, long lashes and quite good skin. She could still see a hint of Andy in there like he was a relative, but this was not his face. It was the face of a woman.
The woman scrunched up her nose and scowled in confusion. “Rebecca? What are you doing here?”

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