Her Public Debut


It is finally time for Anna’s inaugural entrance into the secretive and lascivious world of the Anonymous Society, and she cannot wait to be the center of attention of so many amorous admirers. When however, sweet and innocent Bethany is introduced on the same evening, Anna feels like she’s losing the spotlight.
Anna’s competitive nature begins to get the better of her and, vying for the attention of the crowd, the two begin pushing each both their own limits and each others.

Author: Parker Paige
Length: 5500 words.
Series: None
Content: Blowjob, Domination, Free-Use, Fantasy, Tit-fucking, Fingering, Fucking, Anal-Sex, Threesome, MaleDom, Group-Sex, Exhibitionism, Loss-of-Control, Gangbang



The practice room smelled like sweat and old sex, a long-familiar scent by now. Anna knelt on the straw mat in the center of the room and waiting with her eyes closed, hands resting gently against her sides. She knew that the time passed far more quickly in reality than it felt, kneeling here in the dark of her own head. Her ability to wait was not what was being tested here.

She almost jumped out of her skin when she felt the touch of fingertips on her cheek, but her training and her own determination kept herself from moving, from reacting to the startling presence of someone else so close. There hadn’t been a sound as this person approached, no movement of the air. How had they gotten so close without her noticing at all?

The fingertips moved across her face and brushed over her closed lips. Anna knew the person’s intention, and opened her mouth. She felt a finger, maybe a thumb, move between her lips, over her teeth, and touch her tongue. The taste of soap still lingered on the person’s skin.

The finger withdrew but was almost immediately replaced by something else, larger, with a different texture, but the same faint taste of soap. Anna knew this feeling well by now and opened her mouth wide to received the cock that was pushed inside her. She flattened her tongue against its underside as it slid deeper and habitually expelled her breath at it neared her throat.

She felt a hand rest firmly against the side of her head, holding her, as another pushed her hair away from her face. Then she felt the pressure of the cock against the back of her mouth as the person holding her pushed deeper. Almost without thought, Anna relaxed her throat, pushed her tongue forward, and swallowed, feeling the cock thrust deeper filling her mouth and throat until her nose was buried in a thick bush of hair.

There was a long still moment as neither of them moved an inch. Anna let herself slip a little into the calm serene nothingness she had found in meditation, keeping her heart rate low, refusing to panic from being unable to breathe. There was a small sound, a click, perhaps a stopwatch or pen, and as if by order the cock was withdrawn from Anna’s mouth. Forcing herself not to cough, Anna rested her hands on her knees and took a long breath through her nose.

A hand pressed against the back of her neck, urging her to lean forward and down. Anna let herself be pushed to mat, feeling it’s surface against her face and chest as she raised her pelvis upward, legs spread, anticipating what was so come next. This time, she felt the person near her as they moved, felt the mat beneath her shift a little with their footsteps.

A cold slippery feeling hit her exposed asshole and dripped down her crack. Then fingers began to rub over her, working the substance into her. Anna relaxed the way she had learned over the past few months, allowing herself to be penetrated without struggle or pain. First one finger, then two, and finally a third were pushed into her ass. Then she felt the swelling tip of the cock, this time thrusting deeply into her until she felt the owner’s hips pressed against her buttocks.