Not the Man He Used to Be


Just when Reagan Jones thought he’d gotten used to all of the changes to his life and body since joining the retinue of the mysterious and powerful Morgan Sharpe, he’s pushed even farther. His mistress had decided to take from him the last vestige of the man he was and complete the transformation from the old Reagan Jones to the new. To this end, Sharpe calls upon the expert assistance of her Amazonian bodyguard, Colleen Case, to help her teach Reagan the joys of her new form.

This six thousand word work is the third sexy chapter of the series To Attend Upon a Witch by Randall Rogue.

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 6000 words.
Series: To Attend Upon a Witch
Volume: 3
Preceded by: Further Changes
Content: Femdom, Transformation, Feminization, Gender-Swap, Dickgirl, Anal-Sex, Crossdressing, body-modification, Fucking, Blowjob



Seeing his eyes on her, Sharpe rose and came over, placing one hand on the small of his back. Finished dressing, Reagan straightened and looked up at her expectantly. Her gaze moved from his face up to his hair, and Sharpe again brought one hand up to toy with it, pursing her lips in consideration.

“I do like this length on you, but for today at least it just won’t do.” She began combing the fingers of both her hands through his hair and if trying to rake leaves or other detritus from them. Reagan felt the now strangely familiar tingle of her working magic again. It was always so tactile a process with her when she changed him. It was never a snap of the finger or a wave of the wand, but putting her hands on him, molding him like a sculpture.

There was a brushing, a tickling sensation on his shoulder, and out of pure reflex Reagan jerked his head, felt his hair moving around him, much longer than it had been a moment ago. His mistress’ finger caught him by the chin and redirected him to look ahead. A stern look from her told him that further movement was not appreciated.

The rest of the process took several minutes more, and when she was finished, Reagan could feel strands of hair tickling him all the way down his bare back, nearly to his ass. Free to move now, he swished his head back and forth, feeling it move over his skin. He reached up and flipped some over his shoulder to look at it. Where it had been dark before, it was now very light, the color of straw and with a slight wave. He looked to the mirror and saw his face framed by the hair, reached up and touched it lightly with his fingers. It was beautiful.

His brow crinkled as he studied his image. His lips pursed. Behind him, Sharpe raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest. “You don’t approve?”

“No!” He blurted. “It’s lovely. I love it. It’s just…” He hesitated chewing his lip as he looked at her reflection in the mirror.


“I don’t want to sound critical, or seem ungrateful. But do you think you could perhaps lighten my eyebrows too? They’re still very dark and it’s a little jarring.”

Sharpe’s scowl softened, then broke into a small smile. She shook her head at herself. “Of course, I shouldn’t have missed that.”

Stepping forward, she put one hand to her mouth and licked the pad of one thumb like a mother about to rub out a spot of dirt on a child’s face. With a couple of deft swipes, she rubbed the thumb over one and then the other of Reagan’s eyebrows. The dark hair faded, lightening until it was only a shade darker than that on his head. Reagan beamed and, slightly forgetting his place, turned and wrapped his arms around his mistress’ chest. He squeezed her tightly.

She let it slide, raising one hand to stroke his hair. “OK, dear.” She spoke quietly. “I think you’re ready.”

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