She’s a Class Act


Good music really touches Jo, really digs down deep into her, and none is better than the singing voice of a local nightclub’s latest act, Clara Lange. Jo’s been to hear her sing every night this week and expects to keep on that way until one of the staff takes notice. Before she knows it, she in the singer’s dressing room shaking hands with the owner of that amazing voice. But what is this spark? Could the Jo have turned Ms. Lange’s eye? Can the helpless fan keep her foot out of her mouth long enough to make something happen?

This five thousand word delight is a stand alone story by Samantha Squire

Author: Samantha Squire
Length: 5000 words.
Series: None
Content: Lesbian, Rimming, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Romance



“No, of course not. Make yourself comfortable.”

The blonde stood by the small table and pushed the straps of the dress of her shouders, then reached behind her and pulled down the zipper. Jo watched as the fabric split to reveal creamy skin and the gentle curves of the singer’s back. Clara stepped out of the dress and picked up a robe from the table, draping it over herself before turning back. Only loosely tied, the robe let through a pleasant view of the valley between the woman’s breasts.

Jo forced herself not to gawk and took another long pull on her drink. She was definitely getting a vibe from the singer though, and felt a flutter in her stomach at the thought. “So, have you been in town long?”

Clara’s light eyes fixed on her own. She paused before responding and arched one eyebrow. “I know I said the awkward thing was working for you but are you really going to keep talking like this or are you ever planning on kissing me?”

“I, well…” her breath caught in her throat. That was refreshingly blunt. Instead of trying to put her train of thought back together, Jo rose and stepped closer, very close. She put on hand on the other woman’s wrist and leaned in.

Their lips met, and there was no timid moment, no trepidation. Their kiss went from nothing to the deep passionate kiss of old lovers in an instant. Jo felt a hand on her cheek and let hers slip to the small of the singer’s back. She drew the other woman in, surprised to find just how short, how small she was. She seemed so much larger than life on stage.

Fingers were reaching under Jo’s shirt, gliding along the skin smoothly, making her want to be touched more. She found the loose knot at the front of Clara’s robe and made quick work of pulling it free. As the robe fell away from that smooth skin, Jo’s shirt was pulled up and she raised her arms to let it pass, then felt the delightful skin on skin contact as their bare torsos drew together.


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