Something New for the Toy Box


Part 1 of Funny Things Can Happen in the Woods

In this volume, the trio find an artifact that possesses the power to change the wearer’s body, but not everyone is comfortable with this sort of experimentation, which raises all sort of questions that may be better left unanswered.

Length: 6300 words.
Series: Funny Things Can Happen in the Woods
Volume: 1
Content: Gender-Swap, Blowjob, Fucking, Threesome, Group-Sex, Paranormal



“Oh sweet,” Mae said to herself from a few yards behind them. “So that’s what it does.”

Interrupted, the pair rose and turned to the other girl to see her, arms wide, giving them a huge shit-eating grin. Taylor couldn’t immediately recognize what had happened, but something about Mae looked off, like a funhouse mirror effect that she couldn’t put her finger on.

When she realized what was different, Taylor’s mouth fell slack and her eyes went wide. “What the…” She finally managed to stammer. “Where are your breasts?”

“Ruth Boobie Ginsberg and the Funtime Gang have left the building.” Mae puffed her chest out even more. She hadn’t changed much over all, same build, same height, same long and slightly frizzy hair. However, there had been a slight shift of her features and some of her curvy places were no longer so curved. Taylor watched as her friend reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt. “But on that note: Dillon, Taylor, meet Mr. Pickle.”

Taylor found herself gasping, then laughing. This was amazing. She rushed passed Dillon and over to Mae. Crouching, she peered at where she knew she would normally see nothing more than mons venus. Now there was a dainty little bulge, small but most definitely not female.

She gave Mae’s body a thorough check now. Her shoulders and arms certainly seemed the same. Her chest was flat as a pancake though. Were the hips a little narrower? Taylor made a circle around her and confirmed that Mae’s backside was still as good as ever. She had become male, but if gender was a sliding scale, she was just barely over the line, a boy by technicality at best. At twenty paced of if she wasn’t looking closely, Taylor wouldn’t know anything had changed at all, certainly with the same girly hair, makeup, and clothes.

She had to confirm this wasn’t some sort of trick and gave her friend a slightly embarrassed look as she pointed at the newly filled crotch. “May I?”

Mae beamed. “Oh, for sure. Help yourself.”

Taylor laughed, reached down, and hooked a finger in the hem of Mae’s polka-dotted panties. She pulled them out away from the skin, peered in, and immediately clapped her hand over her mouth in astonishment. Resting between Mae’s thighs was a little dick and balls.

Taylor’s face flashed with worry. “This isn’t permanent, is it?”

The other girl responded by reaching up with one hand and flipping the little amulet, currently showing the circle and arrow, around to show the circle and cross. There was a sort of wobbly distortion in the air. Taylor looked down into the panties again and saw the now familiar shaved smooth vulva. She looked up and found a pair of breasts gently stretching the fabric of Mae’s top again. Without meaning to, she reached out and placed her hand on one. Mae winked at her.

Behind Taylor, Dillon seemed to recover from his shock. “What the hell were two ghosts doing with something like that?!”