Strange New Territory


Part 3 of Funny Things Can Happen in the Woods.

While hiding in the woods to ride out the symptoms of the wereflu, the trio encounter the very source of this strange illness, and he’s coming for them.

Length: 4000 words.
Series: Funny Things Can Happen in the Woods
Volume: 3
Content: Transformation, Threesome, Fucking, Anal-sex, Fingering, Gender-Swap, Paranormal



Taylor leaned down and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth to dance over his own. He felt sharp teeth prick his skin as she nibbled on his lip and moaned a little as their mouths parted. Her eyes narrowed at him in the dim light of the tent.

“I’m hungry.”

He swallowed. “You sure about this?”

She buried her nose in the crook of his neck and made small growling noises. “Yes. Can’t help it. Driving me wild.”

Dillon’s hands rose to grip her hips and draw her closer to him. God damn it, she smelled good. He wasn’t sure he had another go in him, after all, the activity earlier in the evening, but that intoxicating perfume of her body so close to him was doing everything in its power to make him want to give it a go.

His cock seemed optimistic as well and was already sliding from its sheath into the chill night air. She shifted over him and he felt the folds of her vulva slide along the exposed skin of his shaft. She was wet, very wet. She ground her hips into him and he felt her slickness glide along him.

“Please, Dillon.” She whispered, her voice cracking piteously. “I need it. Please.”

He found his mouth was on her throat, nibbling at the fine fur there. He hadn’t really remembered doing that. Whatever this wereflu was doing to his head was still very strong. He pulled his lips away and gave a glance to Mae’s sleeping form, so close she was almost on top of them. “Should we….”

His lips were caught up in another deep, devouring kiss and he felt Taylor’s nails as pinpricks on his neck. When the kiss broke, her voice was rasped around the edges with heat. “Let her sleep. I know she had you earlier when I was napping. The tent still reeks of it.” She drew in a deep breath through her nose. “But if you’re not up for it, maybe I’ll wake our dear girl.” She rose a little and Dillon could feel the tip of his cock resting between her lips. She was wet, so wet. “Show her the mess she’s made and see if I can get her to clean it up with her tongue.”

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