Her Public Debut


It is finally time for Anna’s inaugural entrance into the secretive and lascivious world of the Anonymous Society, and she cannot wait to be the center of attention of so many amorous admirers. When however, sweet and innocent Bethany is introduced on the same evening, Anna feels like she’s losing the spotlight.
Anna’s competitive nature begins to get the better of her and, vying for the attention of the crowd, the two begin pushing each both their own limits and each others.

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Used by the Dark Elves


Voluptuous young Maggie has come to the land of the Dark Elves, for they have a dire need. The ranks of their men must be satiated constantly.

To that end, they procure the services of surface dwellers like Maggie who must labor day and night to indulge the whims and desires of their dark masters. These tireless souls may be called upon at any moment to fulfill their duty and the seemingly bottomless appetite of the Dark Elven men.

Still unsure, unspoiled, and untested, can our fair heroine handle so many men having free use of her? Can she sate the endless desire of this horde of elves?

This five and a half thousand word short is a salacious stand alone by Parker Paige.
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The Demon’s Maid


Avarice makes fools of everyone in the end. Vivian has learned that lesson all too well, after she made a bet with a handsome demon. Had the dice gone her way, her prize would have been more than worth it, but a loser like her has to pay her price: a year and a day of service. Her tasks are arduous and demeaning. Living in her master’s big empty house is lonely and Vivian finds her eyes and imagination wandering to the only other soul around, her demonic master.

This five thousand word story is a ribald stand alone tale by Parker Paige.

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Coaching the Men’s Team


Eve loves her job coaching her university’s women team, but when her counterpart for the men’s team quits, she’s left running both. Extra work, extra trouble, and all of it dumped right at her feet. So she cracks her whip training them, just a little way to work out some of her frustration. When one young swimmer stays late after practice, Eve finds herself with the dynamic reversed, and the undergrad’s confident take-charge personality suddenly comes to bare. Can Eve keep her authority in this situation or will it spiral out of control right there by the pool?

This five thousand word bit of action is a stand alone tale by Parker Paige

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Finding her Lost Billionaire


Annie hasn’t seen Jim since she moved away from their home town, where they were very close. When she stumbles into him again, she finds that he’s certainly risen in the world, but it looks like he may still be carrying a torch for his old friend. Annie thinks she wants him too, but their different lives may ensure that it’s just this one night.
Can Annie live up to nearly a decade of expectations? Will Jim’s high station disrupt their good time? Will they see each other again?

This six thousand word story is the first book of the trilogy Caught Between A Singer and a CEO by Parker Paige.

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