The Court of the Winter King


In the dark of the year, when the sun does not rise above the horizon, the king of winter rules. He stalks the land with his cadre of men and monsters: trolls, ogres, elves, and more. One lone woman seeks them out to learn their secrets but must make the choice to join them to pursue that which she seeks. The rites of winter are unlike what she expected. The amorous crowd eventually contains itself no longer and breaks into salacious excess. She finds herself surrounded by eager men of many forms and varieties, hungry and waiting for her body. The temptation to join them proves too much for her.

Author: Parker Paige
Length: 5500 words.
Series: None
Content: Blowjob, Domination, Free-Use, Fantasy, Tit-fucking, Fingering, Fucking, Anal-Sex, Threesome, MaleDom, Group-Sex, Exhibitionism, Loss-of-Control, Gangbang


The scene was still for nearly a minute, the only movement coming from the flickering of the torches in the steady wind. Then the beat started. Silver wasn’t sure it was merely hands and feet clapping and stomping, or if there were actual drummers somewhere. The rhythm swelled, growing louder and more insistent with each passing moment. She could feel the tension in the crowd building, growing more and more taught, nearing the breaking point.

A few feet away, the looming form of Silver’s giantess companion moved on her feet. She slipped through the crowd and snatched up the wrist of an ogre. Hauling him out into the clearing, the giantess pushed him to the ground. His bare cock, as big around as Silver’s thigh, slipped from beneath his loincloth and stood tall in the torchlight. The giantess swung one leg over his hips, and lowered her spread pussy down onto him.

The crowd broke into a cheer as she pushed herself down onto the dick. The people began to move, scrambling between them as pairs and small groups broke into the clearing. They tumbled to the ground in tangles, hands and mouths reaching for each other.

The pale maidens that Silver had met in the tent sprinted into the clearing, dragging an elf by his hands between them and pursued by a small crowd of others. As Silver watched, they took the elf between them and put lips to his flesh, kissing and caressing him from two sides. A well-muscled man, hirsute, with long pointed ears, approached one of them from behind. Silver could see as his hands spread the woman’s cheeks and how her back arched as she angled her hips back against him. The man lowered himself to his knees and plunged his head forward, burying his tongue in the crack of her ass.

Silver had never seen anything like it, even in her dreams. Within moments, the clearing was full of flesh, bodies moving against one another indiscriminately. She turned to see Thawer wrap her arms around the shoulders of a stoutly built elf, hop up onto his back and let herself be carried into the fray. The little woman was laid gently on the soft ground and her dress pushed up over her hips.

As the elf lowered himself to kiss her bare flesh, a man a head taller than Silver approached the pair, reaching beneath his loin cloth to pull his cock free. He knelt by Thawer’s head and presented himself to her. The difference in their scales meant that while his dick was not overly large for him, it was almost commedicly large compared to Thawer. To Silver’s stunned amazement, the little woman looked at the offered member with a hungry eye and reached for it, lifting its heft in her hand as she opened her mouth in anticipation.

Silver’s view was suddenly blocked. A dark elf, his skin the color of obsidian stepped before her and bowed. She say his ice colored eyes flicked down her body and back up. “Excuse me, my lady.” His voice was rich and dark like raw honey. “Would you care to join into the festivities?”

Her instinctive reaction was to bawk, to hold back to work up her nerve, but as her gaze flicked left and right, she saw that they crowd around the clearing was thinning. More and more people were already joining in and suddenly there was a sense of pressure that she should not dawdle. Silver looked the man over. He was small for a man, only about her height, but his body was thick through the core and strong. His dark skin glistened in the moonlight as though he had rubbed himself with oil in preparation.

She chewed her lip for a moment, and a little niggling thought struck her. Apparently women were rare here, and indeed, when she looked around the men seemed to far outnumber the women. She was the one the power in this situation. Perhaps this would be fun.

“Can I see what you have to offer?” She asked, the words feeling strange in her mouth.

To her amazement, the dark elf bowed, took a step back, and undid the belt of his pants with one deft motion. Pushing them down over his hips and stepping out of them. The torchlight picked out the muscles of his thighs starkly and shone down the length of his half-hard cock.

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