The Pop Star’s Big Secret


Annie works for Jenna McKenzie, the biggest pop start in the world, but all is not roses on this world tour. Jenna is hiding something massive from her adoring public, her crew, even from Annie. When she’s finally revealed to Annie, all the walls come down and the two find themselves growing closer than ever. Until one evening when Jenna’s excitement is keeping her from fitting into her outfit for the concert. Only Annie is there to help, but is she willing to do what it takes to relieve the tension? Will their friendship and working relationship be ruined by what happens in that dressing room? Will Annie handle Jenna’s seedy fetish?

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 5000 words.
Series: Gender Studies Courses



It was bound to happen eventually. Annie didn’t know much about dicks, but she understood that they sort of hand a mind of their own. Sometimes they just got hard. With how often she helped Jenna get dressed for a show, the law of large numbers meant that these two events were bound to intersect eventually.
Annie couldn’t stop herself from gasping when she saw Jenna’s dick start to swell, as she was helping the singer into a sparkly dress. Jenna looked down and winced. She turned to her friend and made an apologetic gesture.
“Sorry, sorry. It just happens.”
Unable to pull her eyes away, Annie just stared as Jenna grew harder and harder. “It’s fine.” She managed. “I was just startled.”
“You’re not mad?”
Annie found herself was a strange desire to lick her lips. “Of course not. It’s just that, well, this dress is pretty tight. I’m not sure we can get you into it with…” She trailed off.
Jenna’s cheeks were turning a deep maroon. “Well, you staring isn’t really helping it go away.”
Annie looked at her friend’s face. “Being looked at makes you excited?”
“You looking at me kind does.” The singer covered her face with her hands. “Sorry, it’s weird. I don’t understand.”
Annie glanced down at the massive erection sprouting from her friend’s crotch. It was pretty impressive, almost a little scary. Some part of her wanted to just reach out and feel the texture of it. “It’s fine.” She started to come to her senses. “Do you want me to step out of the room or…”
Eyes flashing to the clock on the wall, Jenna spat a curse. “We’re already late. I’m not sure we have enough time for this to just go away. God, the audience will be pissed.”
Looking to the clock herself, Annie knew the audience would forgive Jenna anything. She was a star, they loved her, and fifteen minutes of waiting wouldn’t dull that. Still, a devilish little part of Annie shouted out its desires, and an opportunity was laid out in front of her.
Her hands went to Jenna’s arms, and she pushed the shorter girl down onto the dressing room’s couch. Grabbing a hair band from the counter, she pulled her hair back and secured it. Her eyes stayed locked on Jenna’s.
“Um, what are you doing?” Jenna asked, her voice quavering.
“Well,” Annie said, “we can’t just wait for it to go away. So let’s take care of it. Shall we?” She dropped to her knees in front of Jenna.

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