The Secret Beneath Her Skirt


Kylie and Mallory have been best friends since forever, but after all this time, Mal is starting to think that her bestie is hiding something. Giving into the temptations of curiosity, she sets out a plan to discover this mystery, but when Kylie’s secret is uncovered, so is Mal’s violation of her privacy. The two are left alone together, exposed, but Mal’s reaction to Kylie’s big secret, is one of interest, even excitement. This may just turn out the hottest thing either one has ever encountered and the start of a new sort of relationship for the both of them.

This six thousand word story is an salacious stand alone by Randall Rogue

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 6000 words.
Series: None
Content: Dickgirl, Fingering, Fucking, Lesbian, Masturbation, Voyuerism



Mallory listened through her closed door as her best friend walked the short distance down their hallway and into their shared bathroom. As the bathroom door swung open, the web page on Mallory’s computer flashed and came alive. Mal’s eyes were glued to the image on the screen. She watched as Kylie’s tall form stepped into the bathroom, turn, and lock the door behind her. She gathered her dirty blonde hair back from her face and secured it with a band, then started the shower running.

Kylie always wore a set of baggy flannel pajamas to bed, even in the scorching heat of summer. Her long fingers worked at the buttons of the top until the two sides fell free, revealing the pale skin of her flat stomach and modest breasts. An electric little thrill shot up Mal’s body at the illicit nature of her actions. She watched as Kylie tested the water temperature with one hand, and then hook her thumbs into the waistband of her pajamas bottoms and push them and her underwear down.

Mal’s jaw fell open. Although by every visual measure she could take, her best friend was female through and through, hanging between her legs was what was undeniably a cock. A rather large cock at that. It took several moments of just staring at the computer screen for Mallory’s brain to fully process what she was seeing. It seemed impossible for her not to have found this out long ago.

Then all the bits and pieces began to fall into place. Suddenly all of Kylie’s behavior snapped into focus, her undue anxiousness about her body, her choice of clothes, even all of those unspoken little cues over the years. It all made sense. In fact, Mal felt like an idiot for not having put it together herself; it seemed so obvious to her now.

Her brain still buzzed with questions and speculation, but all of that was crushed under the weight of knowing that she couldn’t bring any of it up with her friend. The taller woman had worked so hard for so long to keep her secret and she didn’t know that Mal knew anything. At this rate, it didn’t seem like she was apt to tell her either.

Mal’s eyes stayed glued to the computer screen as she watched Kylie get into the shower. She knew that she should turn it off now that she had her answer, but she just couldn’t help herself. Through glass shower door, the image of Kylie let the water splash over her body, keeping her hair dry. Pulling a bottle of body wash from the shelf, she began to suds herself up, first her shoulders and back, then her stomach, then her legs and arms, and at last washing the dangling cock between her legs.

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