The Unexpected Pleasures of Womanhood


After the car accident, Charlie Baxton was left so wrecked that there was nothing left to do but rebuild him from the ground up, but an error means his body is not exactly like it was before. So now, adjusting her to new gender the best she can, Charlie seeks help. Jumping at the chance is Emma, a friend with a complicated history, takes it upon herself to show Charlie every upside to membership among the fairer gender.

This six thousand word story is an salacious stand alone by Randall Rogue

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 6000 words.
Series: None
Content: Gender-Swap, Fingering, Cunnilingus, Lesbian, Genetic-Engineering, Transformation



It was only one more exit to Emma’s place. The rain had picked up as they drove and was coming down in sheets now. They had to run from the car to the door of the building, getting nearly soaked in the process. As they stood at the bottom of the stairs up to the apartment catching their breath, Charlie saw Emma’s eyes flick down. An embarrassed smile crept onto her freckled face and she put up a hand up in a vain attempt to hide it.

Charlie looked down at herself and saw that the light gray cotton of her “Meat City” shirt had been soaked through, turning it surprisingly transparent. Her hand immediately shot up, covering herself, and she looked around in a panic, hoping that no one else was there to see. It was bad enough to be walking around in this body, let alone for people to get such a good look at it.

“You’re going to need a couple of bras,” Emma mused, “and I think this is one area I can’t lend you much. They gave you quite a rack.”

Charlie huffed. This was getting more embarrassing by the minute.

“Come on, mopey.” Emma grabbed her friend’s wrist and started to haul her up the stairs. “Nobody’s around, but we might as well not hang out here on the stairs.”

A few minutes later, Charlie was rubbing a fluffy towel over her head in Emma’s living room and wondering how girls dealt with all this hair all the time. Her friend was in the other room, shucking off her own soaked clothes and changing into something dry. She emerged from the bedroom shaking her hair out and tossed Charlie a black and blue nylon garment. The brunette caught it and held it up like it might sting her.

“Is this…?”

“It’s one of my sister’s actually. I don’t know how it got mixed into my stuff when I moved, but I think it might fit you.”

“Right, yeah. Thanks.”

Habit got the better of Charlie. Before she could think about it, she’d whipped off her t-shirt and was putting her arms through the garment. As she struggled it over her head, she glanced up with see Emma’s shocked expression, and then realized what she’d done.

“Oh, yeah.” She stuttered and lowered her arms to cover herself. “Sorry.”

“No big deal.” Emma tried to cover her shock, but her cheeks were tinging pink. “You’re just going back and forth between prude and exhibitionist a little.”

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