Used by the Dark Elves


Voluptuous young Maggie has come to the land of the Dark Elves, for they have a dire need. The ranks of their men must be satiated constantly.

To that end, they procure the services of surface dwellers like Maggie who must labor day and night to indulge the whims and desires of their dark masters. These tireless souls may be called upon at any moment to fulfill their duty and the seemingly bottomless appetite of the Dark Elven men.

Still unsure, unspoiled, and untested, can our fair heroine handle so many men having free use of her? Can she sate the endless desire of this horde of elves?

This five and a half thousand word short is a salacious stand alone by Parker Paige.

Author: Parker Paige
Length: 5500 words.
Series: None
Content: Blowjob, Domination, Free-Use, Fantasy, Tit-fucking, Fingering, Fucking, Anal-Sex, Threesome, MaleDom, Group-Sex, Exhibitionism, Loss-of-Control, Gangbang



The first sight of her future met Maggie within the first dozen yards of the long dark of the dark elf cavern complex. Two workers, burly men with thick muscled bodies, had a human woman held between them. One was using her mouth, slamming his cock home with a furious force, while the other thrust over and over into her from behind.

Their carnal display blocked the way through and Maggie and the others were forced to wait, watching this scene to its completion. When the dark elf men finished, they rose from their task, wiped their genitals with rags, and walked off together, the tone of their conversation amiable and casual. The woman looked up at the waiting people and pushed herself to her knees, moving aside so they could pass, bowing deeply to the dark elf leading them.

Maggie could not help but stare at the woman as they passed. Her hair was long and had been plaited recently, but now had been half pulled free of its bindings. Her pale skin was smeared in places with hand prints and swathes of dirt where she had been pressed against stone walls and floor. Her back heaved with each breath and as they neared, Maggie could see thick white seed dripping from her chin and between her legs. She watched the kneeling woman until their group passed around a corner and out of view. It was only at the very last second that she saw the tiny contented smile on the woman’s face.

Taking a deep breath, Maggie reminded herself that this was her own choice. She had sought out this place, had come a long way to be here. It would be worth it. It was a term of service, something to be endured as best she could so that she may have the prize it rewarded.

Their handler, a native of this cavern, brought them to a chamber mostly filled with wooden crates. She halted their progress and turned toward them. Tall for a dark elf, the top of her head was as high as Maggie’s eyebrows. She had the thick powerful frame and long pointed ears characteristic of her race. Lowering her dark eyebrows, she spoke, her words thickly accented.

“You have all come here for the same purpose: to please. As foreigners, that is all you are good for. The rules are simple: you are never to refuse, never to deny. You will serve our men at every opportunity you are called upon, any hour, any place. Should your desire to please wear out, you mat leave, but if you term of service is not complete you will receive nothing. Finish you term though…”

In demonstration, she levered open a nearby crate with her bare foot. From within shown the yellow gleam of gold coins, filling the box to the rim.

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