Wager in a Storm

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When she came of age, Ty Peirson’s life was turned upside down. She found out her long-absent mother was Queen of Summer, one of the most powerful fae in existence. Instead of heading off to college, Ty was swept off to her mother’s court, to learn the way of the uncanny half of her family tree.

When caught in a sudden storm shower with the mysterious fae, Hob. Ty witnesses the mistreatment of a mortal servant, a man who’s body is being changed by his time and status in this world. Feeling for him, she negotiates a wager with his owner but she must risk herself in the challenge.

Will she succeed and win possession of her prize? Will she be forced to offer herself up in forfeiture? What will be the fate of this poor mortal?

This five thousand word story is part one of the series Among the Fae by Randall Rogue

Length: 5200 words.
Series: Among the Fae
Content: Crossdressing, Feminization, Slavery, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism



She sat him by the fire and peered at the bottom of the man’s heel. There she found a puncture, deep but not large. It looked like a wound she’d gotten as a little girl, when she’d stepped on a sharply broken branch. First she checked it to make sure nothing was still lodged there. Then she washed it with water she gathered by pushing past the barrier around the pavilion. Finally, tore a section from her skirt to dress the wound, a move that looked pretty fantastic in the movies but was hard to pull off in real life. While she worked, the man was silent. He simply looked at her with worried eyes and kept his lips pressed together in a strained expression. She had to coax him to respond when she spoke to him.

What’s your name?”

They call me Eager.”

Ty shook her head. “No, what’s your actual name?”

His expression soured. “No offense, but I know what you people can do with somebody’s real name. I haven’t given it to anyone in six years and I won’t now.”

She cocked her head to one side and looked at him, then shook her head. “I’m the last person you need to worry about; I couldn’t do anything with you name if I wanted to, but suit yourself. You’ve really been her for six years, Eager?”

He nodded.

That’s a long time to be away, and you were so young too.” His face flashed with something dark and unreadable. “Oh, I’m sorry for bringing up anything that’s painful. It just seemed like a shame.”

She tugged the makeshift binding until it was snug, then looked up into his light eyes. “Is there anything I can do to make this easier for you?”

He looked confused. “What do you mean?”

Ty flicked her gaze down to his crotch for a moment then back up. “Like, is there something you’d like in particular? To do, I mean.”

She saw him swallow dryly. The bottom fell out of her stomach as she realized that it could well be that he’d never been asked for his preference like this before. “I’m, just…” his jaw clenched tightly for a moment. “Anything you like, my lady.”

Ty reached out and pulled him into her, holding him against her. His skin felt cold, and she could feel his muscles tensed beneath the surface. They sat like that for a little while. Ty listened to the familiar sound of the rain beating heavily against the roof of the pavilion and the strange sound of it striking the magic walls that surrounded them.

On the other side of the fire, Hob let out a huge sigh. “This is just about the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. If this is how to plan to get the job done, you might as well concede now.”

She flashed him a steely glare. “Sir Hob, any further interference will be considered a forfeit on your part. Clear?”

Hob rolled his eyes but said nothing.

She turned back to the man in her arms, brushed aside some dark curls, and kissed his forehead. Then she lifted his chin with her hand and pressed her lips to his. The servant remained so still, unprotesting but not immediately responsive. She let one hand slip down his side to trace a delicate line over his hip and thigh. When their lips parted, she whispered very softly, hoping to keep Hob from overhearing.

Is there something for me to do to you?”

He bit his lip again for a moment and then nodded. “Can you kiss me like that again and then…” he hesitated, “down to my cock. I think that might do it.”

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