Wanted: Magician’s Assistant

Wanted-Magician's-AssistantMichael needs a job. Anna needs an assistant. The only problem is that she doesn’t need a man, she needs some lovely eye-candy that will look good in the costume up on stage. Luckily, Anna’s got a secret: her tricks aren’t tricks, they’re real magic. So making this man into a proper assistant is only a spell away. Still she knows how much men worry about their manhood, so she let’s Michael keep it. He just has to leave it in its box.

Now the show is going well, but tension is building. Everything breaks loose one evening when magician and assistant realized that the power available to them can be used for more than just entertaining a crowd. They could entertain each other, for example. What follows is a night of hot and raunchy content that will have you ready to leap to your feet in applause.

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 5000 words.
Series: None


The last few weeks had been strange, but it was amazing what one could get used to. It had only taken a day or two for Olivia’s new body to start feeling natural, even a bit boring. She only spent a few minutes playing with her breasts in front of a mirror before they were just a part of her body, no more or less strange than her feet or hands.

Having her genitals in a wooden box, of course, took a bit longer. They were still sort of connected, it seemed. She could feel through it still, usually the smooth wood interior inside the box. Going to the bathroom was as first a complete mystery, but after some explaining from Anna, she merely held the cock in her hand over the toilet and let it out. It was actually a bit easier to aim if anything.

Wearing women’s clothes was practically easy. When she wasn’t working, it was just a t-shirt and jeans. The bra had been a little bit of practice to get on and off without help but seem almost trivial now. Her outfits for the stage were a bit more complex but here harder to be seen in than to put on. Her first performance had been the worth; she been almost paralyzed by the thought of the audience seeing her like this. After a long hard think, though, she realized that it didn’t much matter what people saw of her. None of them would know that the lovely Olivia had anything to do with the man she once was. Why be self-conscious when your self wasn’t really your self?

Performing, well, that was actually fun. Anna’s show didn’t rely on trickery or illusion; she actually did the impossible things that it looked like she did. This meant that it was quite a bit easier to pull off than a traditional magician’s show. Olivia’s place was as much to stand around looking pretty, to follow some simple instructions, and most importantly to not freak out when something amazing happened.

The show was raunchy. Anna made a lot of off-color jokes. They both showed a lot of skin. There seemed to be the promise of something sexy happening just around the corner at any moment, but it never really delivered. Olivia took a couple of days to realize the purpose of this. Maybe Anna did it because it was just fun, but it became clear that it was really a second misdirection. If people were paying closer attention, they might notice that some of the things they were seeing were legitimate magic. The eye candy and jokes were as much to keep their minds elsewhere as anything else.

Still, it was sometimes a bit much for Olivia. When she was tied to the rack was the worst, though. Anna would put the straps on tight and her hands would be moving against Olivia’s body, readying for the disappearing trick that was to come. Olivia could feel her cock straining against the lacquered inside of her box, having grown just a bit too erect for the space. That was maddening. There was nothing to be done to relieve the tension and it distracted her throughout the rest of the show.

One night, after their second show, Olivia retired to her little room next to Anna’s and resolved to finally take the edge off. She flipped the latch on the door lock, stripped off her magician’s assistant costume, and grabbed the wooden box from the bedside table. Laying on the bed, she opened the lid and pulled out her semi hard cock.

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