Weekend of the Wereflu


Part 2 of Funny Things Happen in the Woods

Three college students, Dillon, Mae, and Taylor, have come to work for the summer at a vacation lodge in the Cascade Mountains. There they have found that the woods surrounding them contain the kinds of things that no one believes in anymore.

After hiking in the woods, Dillon comes down with a mysterious flu-like illness. Symptoms include fever, sneezing, and growing furry ears? Oh dear, that’s new. As the changes in his body begin to affect his mind as well, the Mae and Taylor search for answers and a way to keep this all a secret, but that may mean riding this out in seclusion with whatever creature Dillon may become.

Length: 5500 words.
Series: Funny Things Can Happen in the Woods
Volume: 2
Content: Transformation, Threesome, Fucking, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Rimming, Paranormal



She gingerly pinched the furry thing between her fingers. It had the consistency of fur, skin, and cartilage. “Um, Mae darling. Could you be a dear and come over here for second?” She released whatever it was she was holding and stepped back from the bed.

Mae sauntered over and peered into the bed linen. Her eyes went wide. “Puppy?”

In one sudden motion, she whipped the blanket back from the pointy ears. Surprised by the sudden temperature change, Dillon yelled himself awake and shot upright in bed.

“Ahh! What the heck are you doing?”

Taylor’s hand went to her mouth in surprise and she took a step back. Mae stood stock still for a moment, staring at the young man’s face. After a moment, he noticed their expressions.

“What did I drool on all over myself or something?” He started furiously wiping at his chin and cheeks with one hand.

Mae seemed transfixed. “So scruffy.”

She reached out slowly with both hands and touched the triangular ears sprouting from Dillon’s head. They were very soft; instinct took over and she gently rubbed them.

Dillon’s eyelids fluttered closed and he leaned in toward her. “Oh damn, that feels good.”

Taylor darted to the pile of books, notes, and other things at Dillon’s bedside and she started to rummage through them rapidly. They’d been doing research all summer, gathering every scrap of credible material on the arcane that they could get their hands on.

As Dillon’s face came closer to Mae’s body, he inhaled sharply. His arms wrapped around Mae’s waist and he pulled her down onto the bed. His lips pressed against hers and she felt him grind his body into her. From somewhere deep inside Dillon, a hungry sort of sound began to thrum.

Taylor found the book she was looking for, a heavy leather tome they had found on one of their earliest escapades. She began flipping through the pages as Mae started to rake her nails down her Dillon’s back. He broke the kiss and began to nibble down Mae’s neck, making her whimper softly.

Without taking her eyes off the pages she was reading, Taylor rose, book in hand, and deftly grabbed a furry ear between thumb and forefinger. She pinched hard and began to drag him away off the bed.

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow. What -ow- are you -ow- doing?”

Mae groaned frustratedly. “Geez Tee, why you got to Dillon-block me like that?”

In response, Taylor began reading aloud. “Those suffering from the condition known as Gerulphus Transcursorius develop many symptoms such as, but not limited to, sensory hypersensitivity, impulse control impairment, and most notably, extensive canid psycho and physiological transformation.”

Dillon’s stopped struggling as she spoke. “Gerulphus Transwhaticus?” He reached up with a hand and touched the ear that Taylor still held painfully. He nearly screamed in shock. “What the heck is that!?”


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