You Can Buy Anything on the Internet


There’s always that special thrill when that thing you ordered finally arrives. This afternoon, roommates Joanna and Becky receive a very special package. It’s a toy so accurate that it’s just like the real thing! Looks and act natural! No straps required!

Becky’s can’t wait to try it out but Joanna is a bit more reluctant to join in the fun. Will her temptation overcome her trepidation?

This three thousand world is a ribald stand alone work by Randall Rogue.

Author: Randall Rogue
Length: 3000 words.
Series: None
Content: Transformation, Gender-Swap, Dickgirl, Fucking, Exhibitionism, Cybernetics


She returned with a slightly sheepish expression and a once again flaccid penis in her hands. It had shriveled up like a salted slug. With a slightly disappointed air, she dropped onto the couch beside Joanna, who arched an eyebrow at her.

“I probably should have warmed the water up first.” Then Becky addressed the penis again. “Oh, don’t worry, little guy. I can warm you up.”

She reached up with one hand, pulled the collar of her shirt out from her chest, and stuffed the shrunken little cock into her bra. Joanna laughed at the absurdity of that action and received a throw pillow in the face for it. She shoved the instruction manual into her roommate’s hands and stood to throw away the discarded packing materials.

By the time she returned, there was an ominously large lump under Becky’s t-shirt, but it didn’t seem so funny now. Joanna sat back down and found her eyes kept creeping back to the strange sight. Without thinking, without really meaning to, she reached out and touched it.

Becky didn’t look up from her reading. “If you want to play with my dick, you better buy me dinner first.”

Then her eyes flashed to Joanna and winked at her. She slipped the curiosity out of her shirt and handed it over. The sensation of holding it was very odd. In weight and size, it was like a dildo, but at the moment it was only half hard. If she concentrated, she could even feel a pulse under the skin.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and lifted it, peering at the orange surface where it appeared to be cut from its body. Gingerly, she set the cock and balls down on her palm, orange side down, curious to see if it would balance upright. There was a sound like a zipper being done up and an indescribable sensation from her hand.

In an instant, it stuck fast to her skin, the seam disappearing entirely. She could feel through it now: the pressure of her own fingers on the shaft, the way they stimulated the skin, the way the growing stiffness brought with it a sensitivity, a good feeling that demanded more. It startled her, then as she processed what had happened, sent a shock straight through her.

“Fucking shit-sticks!” She yelled, releasing her grip on the cock and shaking her hand furiously. It’s semi-hard mass flapped back and forth in a manner both ridiculous and painful. Joanna found herself cradling her hand and the cock with it, curling her body protectively around it in a fetal position. “Ow ow ow.”

Becky dropped the manual. “What’d you do?”

“It stuck to me. It’s fucking attached, Beck!” Full freak out mode was engaged; this was too weird.

Hands wrapped around hers and pulled it up to Becky’s face. She peered at the connecting point between the cock and Joanna’s hand. “It’s supposed to do that, you dummy. Now quit struggling.”

One hand held Joanna’s wrist firmly as the other lifted the member up to expose its underside.

“Ugh, I can feel you touching it; that’s so weird.”

“That’s kind of the point. There’s a pressure point to release it here.”

Becky pressed the tips of two fingers into the spot where the testicles met the shaft. At once, all the sensations from the cock stopped and it sounded like that zipper from earlier had been ripped open. Joanna looked down to see Becky lifting the cock free of her hand. She rubbed the spot where it had been attached, still sore.

“If that’s what guys feel when they take a shot to the junk, I think I owe them some backdated sympathy.”

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